Team Bios

Joi Rogers

Digital Artist and Archenemy of Technophobes

Joi is a national award winning web design maven and founder of RE:STUDIO LLC, with a 12 year background in digital marketing, graphic design, SEO and communications. She has created over 100 websites across industry lines, from cooks, comics and chiropractors, to real estate companies and recording artists.

Her business acumen is only surpassed by her insatiable passion for technology, which she teaches along with sustainable digital marketing techniques, to non-profits, small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs.



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Patrick Morgan

Financial Analysis and Business Development

Patrick Morgan lends his skills and creativity to RE:NNOVATING as a business developer and financial analyst. He builds business models and develops strategiels for startup companies to present to investors, venture capitalists, accelerators and incubators. Patrick is a facilitator, taking into account the goals and desires of our founders and developing strategies to bring them to life.







Reda Wigle Headshot

Reda Wigle


Reda is our in house copywriter. Coincidentally, she is writing this paragraph in the third person which makes her feel weird. Reda’s focus is on the copywriting and editing of business proposals and models for Re:Innovating founders and generating creative marketing strategies . She is enthusiastic about travel, bourbon and pygmy hippos.








Lyn Muldrow

Brand Cheerleader and Customer Engagement Crusader

Lyn Muldrow finds solace buried in deep corners of the web, engaging audiences and spamming smilies on forums both known and obscure. She champions causes, shares the gospel of start-up brands, and is usually the earliest of early adopters for all social media platforms.  She routinely brags about being among the first to have a Facebook account in 2005.

Having over 5 years of customer engagement and social media marketing experience, Lyn Muldrow has provided enthusiastic support and assisted with audience participation for companies small and large.



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Sharra Dade

Public Relations Guru and Marketing and Media Master

Sharra Dade brings over a decade of experience in marketing, business administration, and public relations to the fold. A socialite with a penchant for high profile schmoozing, Sharra is adept in managing the various aspects of a successful operation within the entertainment and new media industries. Sharra’s previous client list is as impressive as she is saucy, and includes celebrities and brands that you’d find on TV, billboards, and TMZ.

Sharra’s innate ability to effectively develop and execute short and long term planning while cultivating meaningful relationships comes naturally, and it is her mission to exceed her client’s expectations. When she is not working, she enjoys fine dining, traveling, and spending time with her family.






Future Purveyor of Awesome

We are always looking for fresh blood. If you are interested in joining the team drop us a line or head over to the careers page.



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