Dribbble Pro Free - Coronavirus Remote Worker Design Resource

Dribbble Pro’s Free, but Now What?

Dribbble hosts a community of designers encouraging a more social design process and offering a bite-size approach to project sharing. For designers active on their platform, Dribbble just sent three free months for their Dribbble Pro subscription to support freelancers finding work during the current pandemic. For the not-so-active, they are still offering a discount for you slackers: $5 off their Pro Business plan or $7 off their Pro plan.

What is Pro?

Dribbble’s Pro subscription is typically a paid service that is $12/ monthly or $60/annually. Subscribing unlocks a few key features focused on hiring including call to action button on a Dribbbler’s portfolio and the ability to receive inquiries.

In addition to sending Dribbble Pro for free, Dribbble is giving away a Pro Business feature by unlocking access to the projects page. Running alongside their job board, projects allows a freelancer to browse one-off projects and connect with people needing design services through a direct message.

Why Dribbble?

Dribbble’s selling point is the social engagements of the platform compared to other portfolio hosts like Behance or personal websites. Some users use the shots/rebound system of Dribbble to experiment and evolve a project. Others lurk on others’ projects gathering inspiration on trends and methods to attempt. Obviously, we never resist a chance to drool over dreamy UX design.

What Now?

The Dribbble Pro free subscription gives freelancers the ability to receive project inquiries. So, design that dream project to entice a direct offer. If inspiration is in low-supply, jump on their Weekly Warm-Up challenge to follow a prompt. Hell, re-bound one of Franki’s projects. Maybe she’ll stop slacking on updating her Dribbble then.

Otherwise, be proactive. Browse the Freelance Projects page and reach out to hiring posters. If we’re stuck at home, we might as well be hustling.

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