Embed an Apple Music playlist preview widget to your WordPress Website

How to Embed Apple Music Playlist in WordPress

Surprisingly, Apple music subscribers can share playlists on WordPress or any website really easily. Wicked easy, actually. In fact, no WordPress plugin is required to embed an apple music playlist. Using Apple Marketing Tools, you can copy the share embed code and place it in the HTML area of your website. Then, boom. A modern-day mix tape is ready.

Give us 3 minutes for this quick how-to.

3 Min Tutorial

Embed Apple Music Widget


Open your public playlist on Apple Music and then copy the share url. But only if that playlist is fire, otherwise skip this tutorial.


VisitĀ Apple Music’s playlist preview widget generator, and then paste the URL into box. Now that page automatically refreshes and shows you a preview of the playlist.

Embed Apple Music Playlist in WordPress


Copy the <iframe> … </iframe> embed code, and paste into the Text Editor/HTML View of WordPress.


Tip: If you’re using Visual Composer or WPBakery Page Builder, paste the code into the HTML widget.

Here’s what one of Joi’s playlist’s looks like.

Quick? IKR.

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