A flexible approach.

Although we have offices in Brooklyn, we travel often and have team members all over the country. Since we live on the road we promote travel, exploration and the freedom a remote job provides. This means you’re encouraged to work from the beach, so long as you instagram it, and bring back souvenirs.

Training at your pace.

We continually update and maintain a collection of video training resources to acclimate all new team members with operational support as well as tips and tricks of the trade. Not only is handholding included during the first few weeks of employment, but our team is at the disposal of new inductees, guiding them through the transition.

No coffee runs.

Our thriving internship program is comprised of college students and recent college grads. We respect the time and talents of each team member, and limit weekly contribution to 1-5 hours. Each teammate is treated like an executive, and we’re void of demoralizing practices. This means: no coffee runs, or requests to walk across the bridge to grab us cheesecake.


No bosses, just friends.

Client Relationship Manager

We love our founders and nurse their dreams from infancy. If you’re a brand cheerleader who love to talk and knows a lot about wordpress and marketing, join our team and lend support and guidance to our roster of startups.

Digital Sales Manager

With hundreds of projects under our belt, our products sell themselves. If you’re a tech enthusiast who loves to meet new people and present new opportunities for them to expand their businesses, you might be a great asset to our team.

Leading our sales efforts involves managing the accounts of our local and national prospects, and growing our sales team.

Social Marketing Photographer (Brooklyn, NY)

Our founders in Brooklyn need content generated for Facebook and Google ad campaigns, web sites and social media. We’d love to work with a freelancer in Brooklyn, NY that can shoot for our founders 1-2x per month. Comfortable shooting video and photos, with prior history generating content for the web is ideal.

Social Media & Communications Intern

We’re looking for Communication/PR Intern to assist with web communication, brand promotion, and social marketing. Interns will be the first considered for job openings this Fall. If you are an energetic and creative individual that wants to work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and entertainers in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York & LA–this position is for you!

Marketing & Business Development Intern

The Marketing & Sales Intern assists with communicating our value to prospects and the public in the tech, entertainment and start-up industries.

In the average week, the job will involve filtering through our local and national prospects, and sending a pre-written e-mail communication to them.

Executive Assistant

The Executive assistant manages tasks and coordinates schedule for our CEO and team.

In the average week, the job will involve, reviewing open tasks, rescheduling as needed, coordinating meetings, organization, and creative input.