RE:INNOVATING Web Design for Pathway 2 College

Quick Start

We’re almost ready to start your custom WordPress theme design. Follow these easy steps, so we can move through the discovery and sandbox phase in a flash.

Mood Board

Step 1: Create mood board.

Create a mood board.

First, create an account at Pinterest. Create a secret board, and share it with us, by adding sales [at] as a collaborator. The video on the right shows you how.

Add sites to the board.

We want to see at least 3-5 sites that inspire you.  During our kick-off call, we’ll ask you what design elements or functions you’re most drawn to. If it’s within scope–we’ll implement them.

Add branding & competitors

Search the web or Pinterest for keywords specific to your industry and the word “branding.” Add “Pins” that are expressive of where you want your brand to go. If you have any direct competitors, include them to so we can research them.


Step 2: Setup Hosting

Register your domain.

Do you have a domain yet? If not, create a list of desired available domains by searching at GoDaddy. Don’t pull the trigger yet. Share your list with us, and we’ll give you a discount code.

Setup Hosting

We like to empower our clients to manage their own domain and hosting accounts. If you already have a domain please find a shared hosting provider of your choice. We are affiliated with Bluehost and can share our discount with you at your request.

Send us the credentials.

We’ll need the user name and password and the FTP login for your hosting account, or add tech [at] as an account manager and we’ll create our own access. Send these credentials to us via text message to (931) 246-6688, or through the task in Asana.

Remember: E-mail is the most insecure form of communication–never share passwords that way.


Step 3: Get ready

Your project, managed.

At RE:Innovating, we don’t use e-mail or text for communicating. Once engaged, each of our client’s projects are created in a project management system called Asana. We’ll set up your project milestones and tasks so you can track our progress.

Support, when you need it.

Remember, we prioritize communication in Asana, so although we receive e-mail we only check it intermittently throughout the day. The best and fastest way to reach us is by communicating via the respective task in Asana or calling us at (931) 246-6688.

Download Asana, or--not.

If you download Asana for iOS or Android, let us know what e-mail address you’ve used so we can add you as a follower on your project. If you don’t create an account look out for e-mails from Asana. Be sure your comments organized according to the task’s subject. If you don’t download the app, be sure to respond to the e-mails and we’ll receive your responses right in Asana.