Dick’s Sporting Goods Store Support Center

Dick’s Store Support Center in Findlay Township, PA, houses merchandising rooms, executive offices, staff work areas, an athletic facility, an auditorium, a café, and a full size store mock-up for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Built on a wooded site, this $125 million complex is the first phase in a multi-phase corporate campus, which has been designed to fit into the local topography.
Some noteworthy green features:

  1. Sustainable Sites. The project is on target to earn 8 of a possible 14 points in this category by focusing on: bike friendliness (82 storage spaces and 16 showers); alternative transportation (113 preferred parking sites for low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles, 113 preferred parking sites for carpools); site development (69.9% of site area is vegetated); stormwater control (existing imperviousness is less than 50% / rain garden can manage 38% of annual rainfall and infiltration basins can handle 100%); heat island effect of the roof (SRI score = 99).
  2. Indoor Environmental Quality. The project is on target to earn 8 of a possible 15 points in this category by focusing on: Internal Air Quality with a comprehensive plan during construction; low emitting materials (adhesives, sealants, paint, and carpet), controllability of lighting and temperature (99% of workstations have their own controls), and overall thermal design.
  3. Innovations in Design. The project is on target to earn all 5 possible points in this category by reducing water usage beyond the exemplary performance threshold (over a 50% reduction due to extensive use of ultra-low flow fixtures), maintaining double the required open space for credit SS 5.2 (70% of the site is open space), implementing a low-mercury policy for its lighting (80 picograms per rated lumen-hour), utilizing a LEED Accredited Professional in the certification process, and by implementing a progressive education plan.

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6020 Broad Street, Pittsburgh PA 15206