Home – April 2017


We built a new @Web that connects soloprenuers to brands, investors and communities.


RE:STUDIO is what we do. This year, we celebrate a decade of creating digital and analog studio spaces.

We design @Web studios that combine @Story + @Brand  to carry the message of soloprenuers.

Agencies divide. Studios build.


 Clients book studio time in adjustable monthly or quarterly time blocks. Each studio has a purpose and engages a diverse team of portable creatives.


@Web is powered by our custom WordPress RE:Studio theme, made to attract investors and subscribers.

@Brand + @Story

@Story is about what soloprenuers do for others. @Brand is a timeless symbol of your work.


We build custom social @Networks to capture members, subscribers and customers.


We build analog studios or a pop-up @Neighborhood to connect brands to the community.

No bosses. Just friends.

We are RE:STUDIO Workspace, Workflow and Worktime in 41 cities, and 5 countries worldwide. Our team builds scalable real world business models for studios backed by digital communities and analog neighborhoods.

[ult_team img_hover_eft=”” social_icon_effect=”” team_member_position_font=”font_family:|font_call:” link_switch=”on” staff_link=”url:%2Fbook%2F|title:Startup%20business%20model%20consulting%20by%20Patrick%20Morgan||” name=”Patrick” pos_in_org=”Workflow” image=”id^4059|url^https://restudio.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/reinnovating-patrick-morgan-2.jpg|caption^Patrick Morgan|alt^REINNOVATING Chief Financial Officer|title^RESTUDIO Patrick Morgan|description^REStudio CFO
Chief Financial Officer 2012-” custom_team_class=”teampic”]@Patrick is our CFO. He lends his skills and creativity to RE:STUDIO as a business developer and financial analyst. He builds business models and develops strategies for solopreneurs and startups to present to investors, venture capitalists, accelerators and incubators. @Patrick is a facilitator, taking into account the goals and desires of our founders and developing strategies to bring them to life.[/ult_team]