Joi Rogers - Lead User Experience Designer live from Tampa FL

Joi Rogers


Human Experience & Design Engineer

I design and build high-converting SaaS, Shopify and WordPress websites for startups, retail and tech companies. Based in Tampa, Florida, I've shipped over 7000 projects from Brooklyn to Berlin.

Such a bright spirit and willing to help out! She works hard and held tight to the needs of the project.

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Selected Works

Joi Rogers, Figma design systems expert. Joi Rogers, Figma design systems expert.


A kid from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn-bred Joi Rogers is the love child of a visual merchandiser and a fashion designer. A born creative and proud geek, she began pounding on the keys at the tender age of 9. Since then, she has armed thousands of  teams with the digital fuel to power ideas in 70 cities, from Brooklyn to Berlin.

For the past two years, sheโ€™s lead a team of creatives while cross collaborating with internal and contracted engineers to build a SAAS application for attorneys. As Senior User Experience Designer, she converted user flows and wire frames to high fidelity vibrant frictionless designs.

In addition to the daily UX and UI grind, she authored the brand guide and collaborated across all comms to maintain brand identity and integrity across all new media, tradeshows and print promotions. The DNA was then wrapped in a Figma component library so implementation could scale.

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Flossie Financial Blog - Website Design by Joi Rogers
What's in a title?

UX design and WordPress development for a financial tips blog for women.

I lead teams to build the most kick ass software on earth.

Co-create with Joi to build beautiful, live, and in real time.