Meet Joi. Human Experience Designer.


Joi Rogers - Lead User Experience Designer live from Tampa FL
Human Experience Designer

A kid from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn-bred Joi Rogers is the love child of a visual merchandiser and a fashion designer. A born creative and proud geek, she began pounding the computer keys at nine.

She first tasted the hustle in freshman year of high school with Virtual Enterprise’s entrepreneur program which transformed the classroom into a viable business model and a student into a marketing director.

One taste wasn’t enough. Joi completed Fashion Institute of Technology’s high school program next, tackling advertising, product photography, business marketing and graphic design with the same vigor of dismantling computers.

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I lead teams to build the most kick ass software on earth.

Senior User Experience Designer at Metwork a community for attorneys

Any Platform

Bespoke & Custom

I prioritize memorable user experiences, dynamic solutions and sustainability. My sites are SEO optimized, AMD powered and designed to support and grow communities.

User Experience

Driving Flow

I co-create websites for consumers not companies. My designs prioritize usability, accessibility and conversion. I leverage user interface design and user experience testing to drive audience behavior and flow.

Organic Search

Search Engine Optimized

I champion clarity and relevancy in all communication, from breakup texts to mission statements. No fluff son. Just simple, search engine loving messaging that conveys brand identity and value.

Co-create with Joi to build web pages live, and in real time.