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International development firm Neovate breaks ground and conventions with brand overhaul


Web + Brand + Story

Malaysian based property development firm Neovate needed a brand and website to differentiate them from their competitors. Their communication, both written and aesthetic needed to appeal to an international cache of clients and investors. Future focused is a hallmark of our approach and this project was no exception. We created a website that showcases the company’s current and completed ventures while making equal space for their upcoming projects.

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The Neovate story lives at the intersection of progress and possibility.



Here’s a breakdown of our workflow in Studio C.



We designed a responsive, streamlined website that showcases the accomplishments and aspirations of this international firm. We created a  flow of text and images that guide users through an introduction to and engagement with Neovate. Architectural renderings live alongside animated sliders while a call to action form captures users. We featured the firm’s premier project, Neopod One, a luxury micro-suite tower in the heart of Kuala Lampur’s booming city centre. We built an interactive Markets section that encourages visitors to explore urban frontiers on the cusp of development.



Neovate is a company of global relevance and our vision for their brand was an aesthetic without borders. We built a timeless template bolstered by straightforward navigation. With an international market in mind, we created a brand guide that seamlessly merges primary colors and clean, contemporary design. The result is a look fresh enough to reflect the company’s technological savvy but professional enough to draw investors of an older demographic. The typeface, like the mission statement of the company, is bold and modern.  



Neovate does not build properties, they build solutions. Their story lives at the intersection of progress and possibility. We crafted copy to reinforce their presence as internationally minded developers redefining the way people live and work in the urban environment. The antithesis of build to sell, Neovate projects are direct responses to market gaps between consumer demand and access. We demonstrated this difference by profiling Neovate’s latest project and detailing their grassroots, modular approach to funding.

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