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Joi Rogers, Black Female Web Developer + Studio Boss


Joi is a national award winning website design maven, Founder, Web Designer , and Developer in RE:STUDIO.  She packs 20 years of custom WordPress theme design, brand guides, and guerilla marketing into her zen fanny pack. Her business acumen is only surpassed by her insatiable passion for technology, which she teaches to remote workers, business owners, and start-ups. You’ll find her in Studio A, B, C and D.

Reda Wigle - Top Writer and Journalist


For a decade, Reda has been our voice. Coincidentally, she is writing this paragraph in the third person which makes her feel weird. Reda’s focus is on generating creative marketing strategies while copywriting and editing business models, proposals and digital decks for RE:STUDIO members. She is enthusiastic about world travel, bourbon and pygmy hippos. When she’s not studying for her master’s you’ll find her in Studio C.

Franki Hanke


Franki is our new storyteller, SEO slayer, and all-around word warrior. Wielding a thesaurus, she slays skimming mid-scroll for websites and social media alike, with cutthroat creative copy. She’s pro-punchy  syntax, all about alliteration, and would fight for the oxford comma. She says size matters, for words. Elevator small talk scares her more than any of the (fifty plus) tarantulas she keeps. You’ll find her in Studio C.