Custom WordPress Theme


Studio D

In RE:STUDIO we teach non-creatives how to design the most kick ass websites on earth. We build custom WordPress themes for solopreneurs, remote workers and new brands.

Custom WordPress

We prioritize memorable user experiences, dynamic solutions and client sustainability. Our WordPress sitesĀ are SEO optimized, AMD powered and designed to capture subscribers.

User Experience

We design websites for consumers not companies. Our sites prioritize usability, accessibility and conversion. We leverage user interface design and user experience testing to drive audience behavior and flow.

SEO Optimazation

We champion clarity and relevancy in all communication, from breakup texts to mission statements. No fluff son. Just simple, search engine loving messaging that conveys brand identity and value.

Visual Composer

We believe in the democracy of design. We train our clients in the basics of Visual Composer, giving them the editing tools and know how to ultimately sustain their own brands and curate their own content.


Now is the moment.

We’re ready to build. Are you?