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I Iead a band of rebels, outlaws and creative gypsies. We support on at-risk founders. We co-create web, brand and story in remote studios.

SEO Yoast The Basics

SEO Yoast: The Basics

SEO Yoast is used on over 5 million active WordPress websites. Packaged with RE:Studio Kit, our WordPress Admin Dashboard, SEO Yoast analyzes each individual blog post as you author it. Immediately you'll see live suggestions about specific improvements you can make to boost your popularity on the web.

Coco Gothic - A Free Sans Serif Font

Coco Gothic

Eyegasm. This geometric sans serif font is classy as hell. Named after fashion icon Coco Chanel, the total of 36 fonts breaks down into 12 alternate and 12 small caps weights. I love the curves.

Fibon Sans a sexy font for boss bitches.

Fibon Sans

Fibon Sans, A classic, curvy, modern sans serif font for free download by Valerio Dell'Edera. Perfect for headers (H1, H2, H3... etc).