Custom Wix Theme design for Skaterobics Fitness in Brooklyn, NY

Motivational speaker relaunches roller skating brand.


Web + Brand + Story

Skate, because running sucks became our mantra as we delivered a brand overhaul to author, motivational speaker and Skaterobics founder Tee Dean. Dean needed a website, online presence and refined brand to playfully and authentically market her NYC based fitness program, Skaterobics. Developed as a joint friendly alternative to the suck of running, Skaterobics is a free wheeling cardio dance class that improves balance and burns calories.

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“Skate, because running sucks” generated over 22,000 impressions.


Here’s a breakdown of our workflow in Studio C.


We redesigned the Skaterobics website using bold graphics and compelling calls to action. The intuitive layout of the site allowed copy to command while our updated booking system effortlessly converted visitors to class takers. Testimonials from fans and converts lent themselves to establishing brand trust and viability. Rounding out the site is the online storefront where Tee’s best selling Power of the Skate was made available for purchase alongside branded Skaterobics merchandise like tank tops, tote bags and vintage inspired knee socks.


For the brand guide we went for a modern spin (pun fully intended) on a throwback aesthetic, inspired by Saved By the Bell and the roller rinks of yore. A departure from the cluttered and static look of the original rendering, our Skaterobics brand is effervescent, memorable and clean. Lines are simple, graphics are kinetic and colors are bold. The result is a brand that breathes with the same tenacity as the product it banners.


We crafted copy that mimics the high intensity of the Skaterobics signature workout and founder Tee Dean herself. Irreverent but relatable the content is meant to inspire movement and belly laughs, both of which build core muscles. Soaked in sweat and washed in neon the Skaterobics communications are as energetic and unabashed as the class itself. For the respective Instagram and Facebook Ad campaign we tailored and tested a series of advertisements featuring cheeky one liners meant to appeal to women from the millennial bracket and beyond.


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